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Sattavam Restaurant

Spread over 10,000 sq. ft on two levels, in the up-market and plush, Sadashivnagar area, awaits a unique dining experience for the discerning and health & spiritually conscious Bangalorean.

Arvind Chowdhary, together with Aditya Fatepuria, a graduate of IHM Bangalore (Institute of hotel management) and passionate chef, are the young, enthusiastic and committed duo who are the brains behind Sattvam, Bangalore’s only commercial Sattvic restaurant.

The initiated and awakened person in today’s world of turmoil, unrest and negativism, looks constantly towards that which will give him harmony, peace and positive thinking. We are what we eat is the popular and proven adage and the right balance of pure food is imperative for the creation of a person in Sattva guna- a person who has balance, order, and purity in himself. The original Sattvic diet was devised for the development of a higher consciousness, and it is prescribed for a consciously spiritual and healthy life; a perfect diet for clarity, physical strength, good mind, good health and longevity and one that helps build brain tissue and Ojas (vigour).

Sattvic foods are rich and abundant in Prana, the universal life force. Onion, garlic and caffeine are taboo in a Sattvic diet as they cause denseness in the body. According to the Vedas, Sattvic foods are juicy, wholesome and pleasing to the heart, providing subtle nourishment for positive vitality.

What makes Sattvic food so unique and pleasurable is that all dishes are prepared and served fresh. Leftover food is never served or consumed. Hence Sattvic foods have a very low probability of forming ama, or toxic build up in the body.

This is the inherent philosophy behind Sattvam, a culinary experience which promises to be divine, pure and spiritual. Sattvam presents to you, foods of pure essence that create positive vibrations and give us the subtle nourishment for vitality and consciousness.

A feeling of divinity, festivity and spaciousness embraces you as you step out of the dedicated elevator on to the fourth floor. The promise of a fine dining experience that is holistic and of higher consciousness, is reflected in the Sudarshan Chakra motif- symbolic of power and protection. The entrance door is a modern expression of a Mahadhwar, the temple main door and has intricate trellises with carefully interwoven motifs of the Shankha (conch) and Chakra (wheel), the symbols of Lord Krishna.

The Holy Trinity of Lord Jagannath, Baladeva and Goddess Subhadra, identical to the deities of the Jagannath Temple, Puri, are seen in relief, using delicate timber slats at the entrance of the restaurant.

The interiors of this bright and well laid out eating space echo the quiet simplicity and dignified ambience of the Sattvic lifestyle. Trellises all around the restaurant, rich fabric curtains and upholstery, lotus stencilling on the ceiling and lotus motif on the panelling- all of these enhance the spiritually heightened dining experience.

Soft, piped music in the background enhances the aura of the Sattvic experience. The breathtaking view from the restaurant is complemented by rich foliage and trees visible from every window, and plenty of natural light and air, adds to the freshness of the food being offered.

Tables with seating for 4,6 & 8 people each are strategically placed in a total of 132 covers, with provision for group tables all around the restaurant.

Inspired by the Temple of Lord Jagannath, Puri, which is the epicenter of Sattvic food and has the largest Sattvic kitchen in the world, Sattvam proudly presents the largest vegetarian buffet counter in the city- with more than 70 items in soups, shorbas and starters, salads, breads, rice, main courses with accompaniments and desserts in North Indian, South Indian & world cuisines adapted to the Sattvic style of cooking spread across the buffet.

An a la carte menu is also available to the choosy and discerning customer. Fruits, nuts, seeds, oils, vegetables, sprouts and dairy products are offered in plenty. The items are light, soothing and easily digested and are prepared with love and awareness, the fundamentals of Sattvic cuisine. Traditional recipes are interspersed with bold, global dishes adding to the unsurpassed and unrivalled Sattvam experience. Undoubtedly, the chefs at Sattvam have come up with modern innovations while drawing on the strength of Indian ancient and time tested cuisine.

Signature dishes like the Broccoli Apple Shorba, Khatti Kamrakh (star fruit) ka Shorba, Paneer Anardane ka Tikka, Singhada Pepper fry ( Golden fried water chestnuts), Panchmele ka Saag ( Indian style clear soup of star fruit), Kumtiya ri Kadhi ( a Vedic style kadhi from Jodhpur), Gwar Patha Panchphoran using Aloe Vera and crispy greens, Gatta Palak Gol Mirch ( red hot peppers with spinach and Rajasthani gattas) are just a few dishes that present a glimpse into the exotic offerings on a well planned and perfectly balanced menu.

A live station, an elaborate buffet counter and the a la carte menu aim to give the insightful and perceptive gourmand an experience which will bring him back for more.

Passers- by can also get a taste of Sattvam through an exclusive pastry shop strategically placed at the entrance to the lift lobby at ground level which is serviced by exclusive sattvic bakes made in the inhouse bakery.

Come and partake in the foods of the Gods. Rediscover your esoteric, spiritual good self in Sattvam.

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